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Type 2 diabete (and myriad other ills) have their roots in insulin resistance; keto and fasting fix insulin resistance.

I reversed my diabetes in a private Facebook group. But I'm committed to reaching diabetics beyond that group. Diabetes is at epidemic levels in this country; it has maimed and killed significantly more people than covid. And it has now spread to the degree that small children get what used to be called "adult" diabetes.

This HAS to stop.

I have seen scores of people in that private group get off numerous meds, and achieve normal A1cs, improve lipid panels, lower BP, heal lymphedema and neuropathy, etc. There were folks in who had become nondiabetic long before I got there; there are numerous others who I've seen join and achieve it since. But at the moment, because this was a private group, all I have to take out into the world is my own testimony.

So I need yours too! You can share "out and proud" or anonymous, with or without pics, however you're most comfortable. I just need your story to help reach those still suffering from diabetes.

If you could spare a few minutes to fill out this form, I'd be very grateful.

Thank you!

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