I'm your host, Jackie.

This site is about reversing insulin resistance. Insulin resistance is caused by elevated insulin (hyperinsulinemia). It is possible to reduce insulin via fasting and/or a ketogenic diet.


Fasting can be as minimal as skipping one meal a day, for a 16 hour fasting window (assuming the other 2 meals are within an 8 hour eating window) or it can be more extreme, including multi-day fasts.

In addition to driving insulin levels down, fasting induces the process known as autophagy, in which intracellular healing occurs as the cells digest broken proteins and malformed organelles to recycle for parts.

I do not believe anyone has yet discovered the limits of what this profound healing can accomplish with regards to previous damage caused by diabetes.

The Ketogenic Diet

There's many definitions of the diet all over the internet, with both supporters and detractors. The definition I use is that it is eating in such a way that allows you to be in ketosis much of the time.

In my personal practice, this involves the bulk of my food as low-carb vegetables, sufficient protein and healthy fats. Most nights, if you looked at my dinner, you would see a Ridiculously Big Salad (RBS).

I do not count macros, and do not even attempt to hit the suggested fat intake many use to define this diet, primarily because I still have plenty of fat to "eat" off of my belly. Ironically, I find I eat significantly less fat while remaining in ketosis than I did on the standard American diet (SAD).

Others have been successful without doing what I do; there are a number of implementations of keto out there. I recommend what has worked best for me, but your mileage may vary.

About This Site

I began telling my story via a blog while still uncertain how my self-experiment would turn out.

As it became clear that I (and many others) were amazingly successful, my passion for sharing how to reverse diabetes led me to start making videos to reach more people.

Both my blog and YouTube channel are available from the main menu.

I expanded to this site to build a community for those of us taking this journey from fat, weak and sick to trim, strong and healthy. I wanted a space where we could share our stories, support one another and exchange knowledge.

Please feel free to visit or join our community!

There's also a store where you can grab kewl merch and I hope to offer workshops sometime in the near future.

My Experience

I was a Type 2 diabetic for over 30 years, on multiple injections of insulin for more than 12 of those years.

The ADA defines remission as having a normal HgA1c for over a year on no diabetic medications.

My diabetes is in remission, yours can be too!


My personal story is detailed in the blog, but this video summarizes what I know to be true about diabetes, based on both my personal experience and many testimonies from diabetics in the Eat Like a Bear group.


If you're skeptical, that's a reasonable response to what I'm saying; I was skeptical at first myself.

But reversing diabetes doesn't require faith, it's based on the simple premise that: insulin causes insulin resistance.

If you reduce your insulin needs, you can reverse diabetes.

I can't predict how rapidly you will reverse your diabetes, but suspect most of you will see significant improvements in just a few weeks. So try it for a while and you'll discover for yourself that you can...



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