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Type 2 diabetes (and myriad other ills) have their roots in insulin resistance; keto and fasting fix insulin resistance.
Here are testimonies from scores of those who are kicking diabetes to the curb!

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Early 2021 my A1c was 7.1. I began by eating keto, two meals a day for the beginning couple months. Within 2 months I ate one meal a day, keto type food, mostly vegetable and meat based. At 3 months in my A1c was 6.1 and I began decreasing metformin. At 4.5 months my A1c was 5.1. I have been taken off metformin, trulicity, rosuvistatin, and decreased lisinopril (used for kidneys). I no longer need to check my blood sugar regu-larly.

Melissa - USA

I am a type 2 diabetic. I was taking 1mg of Glimepiride every morning and 15 units of Lantus Solostar every night before bed. In January of 2021 my A1c was 7.2 and the eye specialist that I was going to said that my eyes were to the point that I needed to begin treatment for Diabetic Retinopathy at the next 4 month visit. March 1st I began eating very low carbohydrates in one meal a day and added a 48 to 72 hour fast at least once a week. I tested my Bg 3-4 times a day and within 15 days my numbers were very low that I stopped taking both my meds. My Bg numbers continued to stay low. At my 4 month eye Dr appointment, in May, my eyes had improved and I didn't have to begin treatments. . I had my 6 month check-up with my GP in July 2021. My labs came back with all cholesterol numbers in the normal range and my Alc....5.2....NORMAL! I am living proof that you can reverse diabetes with diet alone, without medications!

Judy - USA

"January 2021 my doctor wanted me to redo blood work as my A1C was at an all time high of 8.3. She told me if the redo results were still high, I would be officially documented as a diabetic. Having been labeled as pre-diabetic for many years, this threw me into action. I set out on researching how to bring my A1C down quickly (knowing only too well that it is a number based on about 3 months of blood sugars and December was included in the 3 months). I came across Dr. Jason Fung’s fasting videos, read his books, The Diabetic Code and The Obesity Code and started an 18:6 Intermittent fasting way of eating which is a 6 hour eating window.
Three weeks later, a story came across my FB feed about a woman in Monument Valley CA and her struggles with shipping out hundreds of books that she just written. The book- The Ridiculously Big Salad. The author - Amanda Rose. I researched more about Amanda and her Eat Like A Bear group, ordered her book and signed up for the digital version of her 3 day challenge. I began the 3 day challenge on 2/28/21, and found eating OMAD was both doable and mind freeing. I stopped thinking about food 24/7/365! ONE meal to shop for and prepare! Easy peasy!
March 4th I had my A1C redone. It was 7.9, not a big difference to me but my doctor was thrilled. Next recheck, June. I continued on my OMAD journey. I have not been 100% good, I’ve eaten cakes, cookies and candies, drank wine and had some carbs, but I have kept all of my carbs low, significantly reduced my sugar intake and processed foods AND have stuck to my one hour feeding window. I eat a RBS 3 times a week or more and REALLY enjoy them. I also started tracking my blood sugar with a finger stick meter. My doctor did not tell me to, but I felt it a necessary tool. I used an app to track my BS readings and got a general picture of what my approximate A1C might be.
Two days ago, June 15, I had my blood drawn in a lab. My A1C was down to 6.6. My Triglycerides were also down as was my Cholesterol. I attribute all of this to OMAD and the fasting process. My insulin resistance is reversing. I am now using a program called Nutrisense. My doctor would not authorize a continuous glucose monitor because I was not on any dose of insulin. I felt a CGM would give me a better picture of what my body is doing in using and producing insulin. So for two months, Nutrisense will supply the CGM and a consultant to help me analyze my data results. I am determined to NOT be labeled a diabetic or have my body suffer the consequences of diabetes. Fasting works! "

MommaC - US

I ate 23:1 and usually a big salad with 6-8 ounces of protein. Sometimes I did a hot meal but always keto like fish and broccoli or bacon and eggs. I found eating out easy with a burger and no bun and a side salad. I I have done two EF of 36 and 48 hours drinking water, tea and pickle juice. Immediately my BF numbers went down. I was on 40 units of insulin a day, Victoza also. In about 3 weeks I stopped the Victoza. Gradually I reduced the insulin down to 12 units, then 10 and then stopped it completely in 3 months. When my morning numbers were below 130 I stopped insulin. My blood pressure is 104/84 as of June 14. We will reduce my Cardiziem for that in July. I started Metformin in March but it affected my kidney function and against dr advice I stopped it. I take 1 -15mg of glipizide in the morning . My A1c went from 8.3 in Dec 2020 to 6.4 in March to 5.5 in June. That is even with reducing the meds. My neuropathy in my legs has disappeared, stiffness in my knees has reduced, I have more energy and sleep better. My weight in December was 299.7 and I am now 253. I am off insulin, Victoza, Metformin, lasix, potassium chloride, allopurinol, and Citalopram. My BP is perfect. I can walk longer distances. I feel younger.

Anita Mitter - Kingwood WV, USA

I'm just beginning, only 1month in. In that one month, I've dropped my morning bG level from an average of 135 to 112. I've lost 13 pounds in that month, and most significantly, I've gotten off the diabetic medicine, Januvia. I did not start dropping weight until I stopped the Januvia. Since that date, I am dropping about a pound a day. I am doing this by eating 1 meal a day, 23 hours fasting and 1 hour eating. I eat 1 really big salad using only healthy, clean, keto foods. I use the support of Eat Like a Bear Facebook group, have read the Diabetic Code by Dr. Fung and watched all videos by Jackie Patti and Amanda Rose. I'll be having blood work done in the next 2 weeks. I'd be happy to continue to supply data. I'm grateful, so grateful for you and Amanda.

Denise - USA

I'm the only diabetic in my family. I'm also a nurse and have treated all the wounds, amputations, etc. from out of control diabetes. I decided early on after my diagnosis that I wasn't going there. But after menopause I began gaining weight and my A1C crept up. Enter Eat Like A Bear.
I started Eat Like A Bear (ELAB) in January 2021. From day 1 I ate a really big salad (RBS) around 2-3 p.m. daily. I cut out all sweets, starchy veggies and bread. Occasionally I eat a hot cooked meal of protein and non-starchy vegetables like broccoli. I haven't exercised much at all due to injury. Diet and exercise was always a block for me anyway, but this way of eating (WOE) makes it so easy to lose the weight. I've lost 30 pounds since January and plan to continue losing more.
Hearing my A1C was 5.2 two consecutive months and then being told to stop my diabetes medication was the best gift to myself ever! I encourage all diabetics to join us - you'll feel so much better.

Kathi - USA

I eat a low carb healthy fat moderate protien diet. I use intermittent and extended fasting. Changing up my weekly fasting schedule and throwing in a 5-7 day fast once a month. I have gotten off of glimperide glipizipde Pioglitizone humolog tressiba and lisinipril.
I am still taking metformin and lovostatin. Looking to eliminate the statin within the next 30 days. My A1C was 8-10 while on all these meds. My last check without them was a 7 I have a new check scheduled next month we'll see what the results are!!

Jennifer K - Longview Wa, USA

I’ll be 72 in a couple of months & began the ELAB 2 weeks ago. I had about 80-90 pounds to lose. I read the RBS book by Amanda and started with the 3-Day Challenge exactly as she wrote it. I then went on to her 6 Week Program eating the salad and salad dressing she suggested. I ate OMAD fasting 23 hours and eating my salad within the hour approximately the same time everyday (afternoons).
I was never really hungry or craving anything, which really surprised me. Prior to beginning I’d read somewhere that “hunger is transient and will pass” and that has stuck with me so it’s easy to ignore thinking I’m hungry and just go do something else.
I was told in 2007 that I was pre-diabetic and began the transition to eating low carb and was never put on meds. By Day 10 of ELAB I had lost 14 lbs and I began to feel light-headed, weak & scatter-brained. My BG dropped from the 115-135 range down to the 70’s & 80’s! This scared me as I have never seen those numbers in all my years of checking but then my doctor said that’s the normal range.
My blood pressure usually ranged between 120’s/60’s - 130’s/70’s and that’s with me taking BP medication. On ELAB my BP began to drop into the teens & then 109- 108- 107 and that’s when I started feeling light-headed & scatter-brained. I worked with my doctor, who luckily is all in favor of me doing ELAB, and 3 days later I was off my BP medication completely and feel great! My BP ranges in the teens/60’s & 70’s now with zero medication. My doctor told me when you lose that much fluid your BP goes down quickly and that’s what happened to me. So she said I also lost electrolytes and to up the amount I had been taking.
Now 2 weeks on ELAB, I’ve lost 15lbs and my BP & BG are in a total normal range! I wish the same improvements for all of you!


Started with IF and TMAD following The Diabetes Code and The Obesity Code and a lazy keto diet. Lost 60 pounds and eliminated insulin. I had been taking 130 units of toujeo a day. My weight loss stalled for about 6 months when I discovered ELAB and I started extending my fasting periods to 20 then finally 23 hours and eating OMAD with RBS. I have lost another few pounds and reduced diabetic meds and reduced blood pressure pills. I have increased exercise and am on edge of reversing diabetes. I will continue in my quest to reach a normal BMI and normal A1c.

Colleen - Canada

Well I’m not totally diabetic free but close! I have been doing ELAB since Feb 1, usually 2 meals a day. With occasional 36-48 liquid fast. My numbers dropped from normal fir me was 140-150 to now 75-85!!! A1C went from 7.1 to 5.8! Only .2 from outside of PREDiabetes! My Dr was ecstatic!! I’m on Janumet ?mg, Jardiance 25 MG, Glipizide 10mg which she cut in half today but also said if I run in the low 70’s, she may disc that too. No changes yet on high BP or Chol meds Yet, but she said she felt if I lost 15 More lbs, which I hope to do a lot mire by next 6 no visit, then she’ll reduce a lot more!!
I’ve never been in insulin and that was what I was trying to stay away from! I’m very thankful for finding ELAB way of eating! Thanks to Jackie too and her diabetic insights!!


I ate keto on a 23:1 schedule

Amy Fettig Grand Junction CO - USA

When I started the low carb/no sugar program on "Eat Like A Bear" in July/August 2020, I weighed 255# and was taking shots and pills for diabetes, high blood pressure and cholesterol. My triglycerides were also high. My A1C was 10.4. I started intermittent fasting and eating one meal a day (OMAD) and after 6 months I had lost 53# and my A1C went down to 5.5. My doctor took me off all the diabetic meds and declared me no longer a diabetic. My blood pressure improved and my meds were cut in half. She told me the my cholesterol is better than hers and my triglycerides are normal. So the only meds I'm on now is the half tablet for HBP. It has been 8 months now and I have lost 65# weighing 190# with 35# more to go. Honestly, I have never felt better in my entire life and I'm 72 years old. I went from 3x/4x clothes to lg. (for now). No more brain fog...no more incontinence. I feel very blessed to have found this way of eating (WOE) and way of life (WOL). I have a new lease on life!

Linda Dunda - Meridian, MS, USA

I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes 15 years ago. Highest A1C was 11. Because it was high I had lab work every 3 months for years. It would go up and down. The doctor kept increasing my dosage and add-ons medications but that never made an impact. I would try to be strict with the diet the nutritionist gave me who was low cal low fat. I couldn't do the exercise part though. As soon as i got better results i went back to my old eating habits. I went through a period of avoiding dr. Appts. And lab work and only went when the doctor would cut me off my prescriptions until I came in for appt. During this time my weight topped out at around 235. (I'm 5'3") when Covid 19 hit I got concerned because I had so many underlying issues. I was old (68), fat, diabetic, and had high blood pressure. I was convinced that if I got it I was a goner. By this time i was taking metformin and glipizide twice a day and weekly injections of Trulicity. I was more careful with my diet and from March to November my weight came down a little (222) ELAB Facebook group and Amanda Rose came across my FB feed. I was interested and intrigued because of all the success stories and unbelievable before and after pictures. I started November 14. I had a doctor's appointment November 30 and for the first time ever I was looking forward to it. My BG numbers were lower than I had ever seen and my doctor agreed to take me off Trulicity! At my next appt. March 1 my A1C was 5.5 and he took me OFF glipizide. I continue to eat one meal a day, 23/1, no sugar, no artificial sweeteners, including diet soda, no processed foods, and 20 net carbs per day. Best of all my food cravings are gone, I have energy and I'm taking walks because I want to, not because I have to.

Betty - US

I started intermittent fasting by eating one meal a day (generally a large salad) in early November. My A1C at that time was anywhere between 5.8 and 6.1. Today, Feb 10, I was told by my physician that my levels had dropped to 5.4 and that I could stop taking Metformin. In addition, my elevated cholesterol levels also improved and I was advised to stop taking Crestor, but to keep taking a separate anti lipid, Trilipix. My blood was drawn on January 28, so, in 2 and a half months I radically changed my blood profile. This is a doable and sustainable way of eating or way of life.

Alita - Virginia, USA

I started Intermittent Fasting August 2020. At that point my Hba1c was 10.9 (96). I was on over 100 units of mixed insulin a day. I found the Eat like a Bear Facebook group and adapted my eating to one meal a day, based around huge salad or piles of leafy vegetables, protein and healthy fats. I also fasted between 20 to 24 hours at a time, only taking black coffee, water and pink salt during the fast. By the middle of September I was able to stop insulin injections. Fast forward to February 2021. My Hba1c is 5.7 (39). I still take Metformin at present. My Dr tells me I don't even need to test my bloods daily anymore. I have lost 25 kg, over 50lbs too.

Alison Jones - Yorkshire,UK

Three years ago I was diagnosed type 2 diabetes after my sis made me go be tested after she had a stroke. I had been prediabetic for several years. Didn’t do anything about it. When I was diagnosed, my A1c was 8.4. High blood pressure, Overweight. Fast forward spring of 2020, covid getting to be a pandemic etc. The top things that worked against me was diabetic, overweight and over 65. If you had all 3 chances of living through covid were dim. Found Amanda’s program, what did I have to loose? LIFE if I didn’t do it. Started June 10, 2020. I was able to get off metformin in 3 days. I monitored closely for months. My next Dr. Visit, A1c was at 5.7. I am glad to be off metformin, half my dosage of high blood pressure meds. This is a life changer and I am so grateful for all the support. I have lost 38 pounds with 10 more to go. If I do get covid, my chances are so much better, besides, I like the way I feel and look. I weigh what I did when I got pregnant with my daughter, she is 37. Lol. You don’t have to go through life taking insulin or diabetes meds. It is curable, and with this plan, painless. Wish more Doctors would research this. Thank you Amanda and Dr. Fung for your knowledge.

Kay Perry - Stamford Texas, US

I started doing ELAB 23/1 with the RBS...big leafy greens, whatever meat I had in the fridge, avocado, full fat dressings. I strictly followed the framework set forth. I kept it simple. I also did a couple of 48hr extended fasts, and one 14 day fast. All doctor supervised. My doc also agreed to me staying off all meds (until my next physical) while I fasted. I began 7/1/2020. By 11/3/2020 just 4 full months later at my doctors visit I had lost 55 pounds, my BP was normal, my bG was normal, my A1c was 4.5!!!! I am officially no longer a T2 diabetic!!! I also have reversed the plaque that was building in my arteries. This was proven by untrasounds. My hearing and vision has improved!! I know it sounds crazy, but I have the records to prove it! I am off all medications for BP, kidneys, cholesterol, and diabetes. My doctor was so thrilled with me! He high fived me and gave me a big hug!
He said Viola, keep doing what you're doing!
He even took a picture with me that I shared with the ELAB page. I wish I knew how to share it with this post, because I would!!!"

Viola Renee Krumanaker - Eagle River, Alaska, USA

I cut out all carbs except the carbs that comes from greens. I eat once a day for 1 hour, I fast the other 23 hours. On occasion I will fast 2 to 3 days a week, I usually do this once a month. I no longer take any medication, my BS runs 78-90, and my A1C is 5.7

Sherry Webb - US

I started ELAB with my wife on Sept 24, 2020. I do TMAD. My fasting time is 16 to 18 hours daily. I eat a combination of keto and low carb, breakfast and a late lunch. In the first 3 weeks I dropped 16.6 lbs and stopped taking .. App- Pioglitazone after week 1 Mint- Gliclazide after week 2 Januvia after week 3 I still take Metformin. My blood sugars are all in normal range. My blood pressure is stable and with in normal range. I have lost a total of 26.2 lbs. I am hoping to release more weight and stop taking Metformin. Pretty good for about 10 weeks on the program.

Brad Bishop - Oshawa, Ontario, Canada

Intermittent fasting with a 23:1 window, occasional 48-72 hour extended fasts, no sugar, carbs at 20 or below, 1 meal a day and daily walking. A1c from 11.4 to 5.7 in 6 months, never went on meds, BP from 140/90 (ish) to 106/70, no more heartburn /reflux, lost 40-50 pounds, cholesterol and triglycerides drastically reduced, from 2x/3x to 12/14 and still working on it.

Kimberly Cooper - USA

Honestly, I've just found ILAB but I've been eating low carb/keto for 8 months (minus a few weeks where I fell off). I was hardcore for 4 months and maintained that weight loss for another 4 months (so far). In the first 2 months of keto eating, I lost 20 pounds (have since lost 40), my meds were reduced to half, and my A1c went from 6.8 to 5.7. My doctor was not willing to reduce my meds further until I maintained the A1c for a longer period. I am looking forward to adding intermittent fasting and seeing my plateau end as more weight comes off.

Lisa - USA

I began ELAB on July 1, 2020 because my blood glucose level kept creeping up, even though I was on 2 different meds, and I knew I needed to do something. That same day Amanda showed up on my Facebook page. I jumped right in and started that very day with IF 23:1 and Keto and RBS. The morning that I decided to start my bG level was 236 and the next morning it was 119. It has never been higher than that since. I have consistently been in the 70's!! I saw my doctor August 4th and was immediately taken off Jardiance. I still take glipizide. My A1c went from 8.8 to 6.6!! And, I have lost 30 pounds, 215 to 185 as of today. I see my doctor in December and I know he will be thrilled with my progress.

Judy - USA

January, 2019 I wanted to feel “not sick”, so I started wearing myself off sugar and carbs. Each week I would remove something from my meals, have less carbs, less sugar, no seconds, no snacks, etc. within a couple of weeks no more skin issues. By March, 2019 I lost 25 pounds. Also in March: my “light bulb” moment: Diagnosed with Roth spots on eyes, then with Type 2 Diabetes in March, 2019. By August, 2019 Roth spots and Type 2 Diabetes reversed by eating Keto. Was able to get off Rx. Labs are great! A1C is constantly normal. My doctor supports my way of eating 100%! I eat 20 or less carbs a day, no sugar, moderate protein, high healthy fat. No snacking. No cheat days. This way of eating is sustainable because I will always eat this way. Tend to do two meals a day, sometimes one, occasionally three. I no longer experience “hunger “ or “cravings “. So freeing! When we know better we do better. Type 2 Diabetes is reversible! Start the reversal today! Wishing you all a great journey to your healthiest self!

Sonya - US

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