The Life-Changing content that Inspired my Transformation

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The Life-Changing content that Inspired my Transformation

I received my JumpStart book today and was inspired to write this post about the ELAB content Amanda has produced and how it has changed my life.

The Beginning…

The first bit of content Amanda produced was The Bear Bones Manual, which is about ketogenic dieting and intermittent fasting in a sort of generic sense. I’m a bit jealous of the folks who were here then as they had a year headstart on me and I can’t even *imagine* where I’d be today with that headstart. Probably be Empress of the Universe by now. 😉

The Ridiculously Big Salad

When I joined, Amanda had realized the RBS was the most useful meal type and had produced the digital version of The Ridiculously Big Salad book, which I devoured. I was *thrilled* to find a method of eating real, healthy food that didn’t require lots of meal planning, entirely too much money spent to buy ingredients, and numerous hours in the kitchen. This was *sustainable*, even when I might be too tired or too broke to do other things.

But honestly, the motivation and mindset changes in that book were probably more useful than the food ideas; that book put some serious *spine* into my determination.

And then she added the prologue to it, which just totally blew me away. I’ve read it scores of times, sometimes just getting misty, but other times outright bawling.

And then video after video, with more ideas and thoughts, expanding the book to an entire mind-blowing digital course. Wow!

Way too cheap! So then she went for FREE!

Honestly, I’ve been of the opinion that she undercharges for her content for some time. We actually had a long discussion about this way back when. I thought the RBS digital course should go for hundreds and we couldn’t get her over $40.

She wants the materials as accessible to as many as possible and just won’t budge on this topic, while investing nearly all proceeds to support the group. Her goal is not to become rich, but for *you* to become trim, strong and healthy – for every *you* out there.

And then came the three-day challenge! And I must say, as I went through it, I became massively jealous of those who joined after it became available! The basics of ELAB are broken down in such a simple way with her down-to-earth way of explaining things in daily videos. And it was free!


The RBS in print!

When the RBS book came out in hardcover, I bought a 5-pack. I did keep one for myself, it sits on my desk right now, but the rest were to give as gifts. It has the same content as the digital book, but is so pretty and I just had to have it.

I still think the digital course is preferable as it has so much *more* with the videos, but it’s hard to gift someone a digital course.

And I was just greedy enough to want both for myself. 😉

JUMP IN to the JumpStart!

Just as she learned the RBS was the most successful meal type in the group, she realized the 3-day challenge was beyond what she’d imagined. This was content that needed more writing, more videos, more testimonials. Not “filler,” but the real stuff to help newbies, born from her knowledge of her own journey and what she has learned from the community.

And thus was born the JumpStart module, which I went through previously, but am going through day-by-day again in it’s new format on her web site. It is based on the 3-day challenge, which has been successful beyond anyone’s wildest dreams.

The purpose of the 3-day challenge was just an introduction to ELAB, sort of like a first date, a time to get to know whether ELAB is for you or not. But people began reporting large weight losses just in those few days!

I really have a hard time explaining how useful this course is for me. There are just so many ideas that Amanda has distilled down that have made a huge difference in my mindset and kept me going on my journey.

It’s now available in a new format and I’m just shocked as I go through it to remember how *much* I owe Amanda for my life changes. Sure *I* did it, it’s not like she was here force-feeding me salad, but so many of my thought patterns have changed because of her influence in my life.

The whole shebang!

Amanda is working on both the content for the cooked RBS module and the psychology modules. I’ve already found these extraordinarily useful in their beta forms.

I already knew how to cook, but having the ideas is so handy when I’m needing a break from salad; if you don’t already cook, this will be a game-changer for you. Like the RBS, the recipes are simple and fast and just real food without expensive ingredients, with videos from Amanda’s kitchen showing you exactly how to prepare the recipes.

But the psychology module has been a huge game-changer for me personally; while my thoughts don’t always run the same way as Amanda’s, she makes me think about what goes on inside my head, and distill it down both as an anchor I can cling to during life’s storms and to easily share with others.

I look forward to her expanding these last two modules out of beta. Frankly, that’s a lot of the motivation for me and the other mods to spend so much time in the groups, to free her up for content creation. Cause we want it as badly as you do!

And I’m honored to be part of bringing this to the world. Every single day, I see posts in the group of nearly miraculous healing. It is just overwhelming what we are accomplishing.

I would recommend the digital course bundle as the absolute best buy, as it includes the Jumpstart, RBS, cooked RBS and psychology modules, even knowing the latter two are still in beta.

It’s under $100 now for *everything*, which I still think is massively underpriced. IMO, any one of those modules is worth more than she sells the bundle for.

The JumpStart in print!

The past few days, I’ve jealousy watched as people have begun to post photos of the new JumpStart book.

Today, I got mine! I’m in this book! Woohoo!

It’s beautiful!

Yeah, I didn’t need it, anymore than I needed a hardcopy of the RBS book. But as noted, I’m greedy. 😉

And it now sits on my desk, a pair of gorgeous Amanda books.

Maybe I should get a 5-pack of these too? These could be great gifts.

This is the *best* content for newbies as it includes numerous implementations of ELAB, not just the RBS… plus testimonials with lovely full-color pictures for an incredible amount of inspiration.

I was already familiar with many of these stories, but even though the content was not novel for me, I wound up bawling. We are changing so many lives!

If she keeps this up, I may need a larger desk…

Get the Jump Start book here.

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