16 week weight loss

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16 week weight loss

The scale weighs everything: bone mass, muscle mass, fluid, fat, the contents of your GI tract and bladder. My experience in the group is that the person who’s weight just goes down all the time is rare indeed. I joke often that the scale is a lying liar that lies.

My 16 week weight loss wasn’t exactly a transformation since my 12 week chart; only an additional two pounds down. The slope of my graph was going the right way, but my fluid issues make actually seeing fat loss difficult when just checking mass. This is a problem that continues today, a year later.

Two measly cups of water (a pint) weighs a pound, so one can’t take the scale *too* seriously.

I was eating 4 meals a week at this point, in the vicinity of 1000-1200 calories on eating days and fasting the other 3 days. There’s just no way I wasn’t burning significant fat regardless of what the scale said.

Besides which, I could *see* myself shrinking as I posted on November 23, 2019:

I posted a similar graph at 8 weeks and 12 weeks, so here is 16. I’m down 20.8 lbs since I began.

But… I have extremely little faith in the scale; it shows only around a 2 pound loss in the past 4 weeks.

But every time I go to the bathroom, I pass a full-length mirror and I’m significantly smaller than 4 weeks ago; it’s enough that I can see it. And I frankly need to buy new yoga pants soon; they don’t really hold my belly in anymore.

Course, weight loss was never my primary focus anyway. I began fasting and keto to reverse diabetes, the source of all my myriad health issues.

I was on 100 u of insulin when I began with my bG usually in the 200s, sometimes spiking over 300.

I’ve been off insulin for some time and today, my continuous bG monitor says my average bG for the past 7 days is 108.

I still have healing to do; I believe when only eating 4 days a week, my bG should be lower. I expect weight loss will be much faster as my bG, and by implication my insulin, drops.

Meanwhile, I’m the incredible shrinking woman while my scale claims otherwise.

20 pounds in 16 weeks isn’t too shabby anyway, it’s just that I was grading on a curve. People on ELAB lose really fast compared to what I was achieving, but most weren’t nearly as sick as I was; I was racking up NSVs left and right and for me, the weight loss was incidental.

Onwards to keto ideas for Thanksgiving.

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