12 week weight loss report

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12 week weight loss report

I won’t keep you in suspense, I lost 18.6 lbs (nearly 8.5 kg) in my first 12 weeks, approxmately 1 1/2 lbs per week. So yes, losing weight with diabetes is quite possible if you use the right diabetic diet plan to lose weight. Losing weight with insulin resistance is tough, but luckily the best diet for type 2 diabetes and weight loss are the exact same: a ketogenic diet with lots of intermittent fasting. But there’s a lot more information to tease out of this chart.

By this time, I was off exogenous insulin entirely, running only on what my body produced, though we know T2s can make a *lot* of insulin. I was also on metformin, which reduces gluconeogenesis, so can only help with weight loss. Remember though, we’re aiming to reduce *insulin,* not blood sugar specifically. However, the lower your blood glucose is, the less insulin you’ll make in response; metformin can help you lose weight.

Because insulin is the fat-storage hormone, low insulin allows us to enter fat-burning mode, and lose weight as fast as possible for our specific metabolism.

I know we’re all anxious to reverse our diabetes and control our blood glucose without medications, but as far as diabetic medications go, metformin is a pretty good one. Sure as heck beats shooting copious amounts of insulin! And it generally has way fewer side efefcts than most other diabetic medications; you can read much more about this in my free ebook about reversing diabetes, which discusses insulin resistance and weight loss in some detail for T2s.

And now on to the post I made to ELAB with my weight loss chart, on October 25, 2109:

I posted a graph at 8 weeks, so here’s one at 12 weeks; I am down 18.6 pounds today.

What I would note is had I looked at this at 4 weeks, I would’ve thought this wasn’t working for weight loss.

I was VERY diabetic to start; I was thrilled with what was happening to my bG and had such a long list of NSVs that I really wasn’t paying much attention to weight.

My bG isn’t great lately, but then I’m entirely off insulin, just doing 1000 mg metformin/day. And I’m still weaning prednisone, which elevates bG. I have to remind myself where I was 3 months ago though! When I needed a walking stick, couldn’t put on panties by myself, couldn’t pick up anything I dropped without a grabber.

Now, I am where I was around 15-20 years ago wrt to diabetes, since I’ve been diabetic for over 30 years, so I’m halfway there!

Those of us with serious metabolic issues aren’t going to necessarily lose as fast as those with less health problems. And loss is never linear.

I just need to encourage those with issues that it does take longer for us and that’s perfectly OK. Sometimes what we need is healing and it’s the same path to healing as it is to weight loss. If you’re going in the right direction, you’ll get there.

At 4 weeks, I’d have said I wasn’t losing at all. Today, it looks like I’ve lost about 1 1/2 pounds per week.

And honestly, if I never lose another pound, I’m never stopping this; the healing has been incredible.

This is *the* diet for insulin resistance to lose weight, but MUCH more importantly, you can lose diabetes.

As I began to with my Oct 2019 bG readings.

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