my bG meter won’t let me eat low-carb tortillas

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my bG meter won’t let me eat low-carb tortillas

I’ve done low-carb diets before. I had all sorts of tricks and tips up my sleeve for making favorite foods low-carb.

One of those was Mission Carb Balance tortillas. Most low carb tortillas are kind of icky, but these were pretty good, if a bit small.

For a fast snack, I could make just a plain old cheese quesadilla; done carefully, the pan didn’t even need cleaning.

I’d get a bit more elaborate when I needed a fast dinner after work if meal planning had gone awry. With appropriate toppings, I could make a thin-crust pizza faster than a high-carb one could be delivered.

And all for just 4 net carbs!

Mission Foods' nutrition facts per tortilla 19 g total carbohydrates and 15 g dietary fiber, boosting the claim on the front of the package that each tortilla provides 4 net carbs.nutrition facts by Mission Foods Retrieved June 8, 2020, used without permission under the doctrine of “fair” use as per Title 17 U.S.C. Section 107.

I am NOT calling them out, but I do have a report on what happened to my bG eating one of these.

On October 20, 2019, I reported the following to ELAB:

What I learned yesterday…

Well, the Caesar dressing in the RBS book is yummy. I’ve had Caesar before, but never went out and actually bought anchovy paste, and though a tad skeeved out about that, it turned out very yummy.

I had a small salad, not a big one. I’d decided to have a low-carb pizza: a low-carb tortilla, a small amount of marinara sauce, garlic powder, oregano, basil, pile of mozzarella, bunch of pepperoni, baked for about 12 minutes.

My progress in reversing diabetes had gotten to where without the insulin I had gotten to where my bG pretty much stayed under 150 always, and usually under 140, when measured in the several hour period after eating.

I was at 96 before eating, then rose to 170 an hour afterwards, 183 an hour later, then still at 159 this morning. Not good.

That low-carb tortilla wasn’t low enough, apparently. Next time I want Italian, I’ll throw some pepperoni, tomatoes and mozzarella on my RBS and hit it with Italian dressing. Or maybe make a pizza on a chaffle.

There shall definitely be an ordinary RBS tonight. Lesson learned.

I’m not opposed to these tortillas, I like them!

And I may well add them back to my diet at some point. That’s not the point.

The point is that my bG meter is the arbitrator of what I can or cannot eat while working to reverse diabetes.

At this point, I’m pretty much willing to give up nearly anything short of oxygen to slay this diabetes monster than has terrorized me for 3 decades.

Luckily, I have ridiculously easy meals in my back pocket.

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  1. Janelle

    I stopped eating tortillas due to glucose spikes, and my nurse-practitioner keeps saying I could eat low-carb tortillas, but one look at the nutrition label tells me I will regret it if I try them. Your experience reinforces my choice to simply not eat tortillas.

    1. reversingdiabetes

      There may be ones that work for you. But I ate these for *years* believing the nutritional facts (truly not implying that they’re lying!) and until I was very closely tracking my bG, I had no idea they’d spike me this bad.

      Cottage cheese is another food that spikes me out of all proportion to the carb count, even the fullfat stuff does. And even the best raw milk cottage cheese made organically by local folks at my farmer’s market.

      There’s so many things that DON’T spike my bG (and presumably insulin), that it’s easy enough to avoid the things that do.

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