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Keto Chow Electrolyte Drops – Electrolytes for Fasting and ketosis

There’s always folks who find the idea of mixing up a drink overwhelming and just want to buy something. I get it.

Unfortunately, the vast majority of the drinks out there advertised as having electrolytes are straight out of Idiocracy, they just add salt. The few that have a bit of potassium have very little, not nearly enough to balance the sodium.

However, this product isn’t bad.

I’d need 3-4 servings per day to get the amount of potassium I need for avoiding cramps and edema, but likely many will only need 1 or 2 servings. Even at my higher dose, it’d run around $7/month, which isn’t terrible; cheaper when you buy the refill.

Because I’m very frugal, I find the notion a bit off-putting, in that I can buy YEARS worth of ingredients for $7. Someone’s making a tidy profit, but they are also providing a service for those who don’t want to mix their own.

But I do find the little refillable bottle handy as it fits into even the iniest pocket so I can carry them when gardening, hiking or other exercise.

Be aware that it only has about 10% of the magnesium you need, so you still need a good source for that. But it’s got a good ratio of sodium to potassium if you want to avoid mixing your own drink.

And conveniently, the same company also sells magnesium drops, so if you like the notion of drops, you could buy both.

Otherwise, see my main electrolytes page for links to recommended magnesium products.

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