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As I struggled to learn how best to eat between fasts, my fasting bG and postprandials were rising day-to-day. Within 4 days, I had postprandials over 200, so added back 15 u basal. By day 6, I upped the basal to 20 u and added 5 u bolus for each meal, just before I had discontinued breakfast.

One day, I noticed my preprandial had risen from my fasting by nearly 50 points; I realized this was caused by my prednisone. So even when I switched to evening meals, I continued taking 5 u basal in the morning to “cover” my prednisone dose.

You’d *think* I’d have been quite happy to reduce my insulin from 100 u TDD to 30 u. But I was disappointed; I had gotten off insulin, but was back on.

And the prednisone thing pissed me off. How was I going to get off insulin if I needed it just for my prednisone dose?

I mused about this. Fung had said fasting reduced visceral fat; that 80% of liver fat could be gone in 2 weeks, improving organ function. I wondered if my longstanding adrenal insufficiency was due to fat also. What if my adrenals could produce cortisol again? I made a note to discuss with my endocrinologist: I wanted to try weaning.

For those who care about details, here’s my August bG log. This log is what I took to my endocrinologist when I next saw her, along with a long note explaining what I’d been doing.

Meanwhile, I accidentally got dehydrated, after years of struggling with edema and CHF!

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